Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rails Development using Aptana IDE in Ubuntu

    After having some hands on with Rails development using Vim and command line tools, i started looking for any good IDE for Rails development in Ubuntu. I have been used to software development using tools such as Visual Studio, Eclipse. There are a couple of options available for Rails IDE such as Netbeans, Aptana Studio etc. One problem currenlty i noticed with Netbeans is that the latest release Netbeans 7.0 is not supporting Rails. So you have to use the older version of Netbeans. So unless someone from the community will take up the job of Rails support in latest Netbeans, there wont be support for Rails in Netbeans 7.0 or future releases.

   So, I started looking out for other alternatives. Obviously, Eclipse is a reasonable familiar tool to anyone who had done development with Java. So, i thought i could get my hands on with Rails in Eclipse. I started looking for rails plugin for eclipse and landed up in Aptana Studio site. Aptana studio is based on eclipse and it gives a familiar IDE feel if you are familiar with eclipse.

   I initially installed "Classic Eclipse" and then installed the rails plugin from aptana studio, But i faced some issue after i created a rails project. I got the error message in the terminal window as
"This Terminal Emulator is not functional because no 'bash' shell could be found.Please correct the problem and restart the IDE." I couldnt get much information about this error after googling it.

    But I realized that one can download the standalone version of Aptana Studio from their website. Which will just work out of the box. Just unzip the downloaded zip file and open the aptana launcher.
Also, i modify the default theme of the text editors in Aptana using Windows->Preferences->Aptana->Themes. 

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