Saturday, May 28, 2011

Starting Rails Development In Ubuntu

     After my inital look at lot of users' experiences and comments in various websites, i have decided to start the rails development on Ubuntu. I have been using Windows all these while for all kind of development. But Since most of them stick to Ubuntu or Mac Os for Rails development, i have also decided to take the safe route.

     Instead of trying to install Ubuntu in my windows box with dual boot option, i have decided once again to take the easy route i.e installing Ubuntu VMWare image. I downloaded the latest Ubuntu VMWare image from the VMWare website and also downloaded the free VMware player. I am not that much considered about the performance of the Ubuntu OS as of now. So i have decided to stick on to the VMware version of Ubuntu. But i have experienced some latency in accessing browsers and other network related stuffs.
    I was wondering about the reason behind the latency in my Ubuntu VMWare OS. Could it be probably because i didnt install the VMWare tools yet. Might be.
   I am yet to see how well the system is going to behave after installing the VMWare Tools,
I followed the following procedure to install VMWare Tools.

1) Choose "Install VMWare Tools" Option from the menu in the VMWare player.
2) Then open a terminal and go to a directory where you have write permissions.
    Then do a "tar -xzvf <location_of_Vmware_tools_in_virtual_cd_drive>"
3) The above command will untar the vmware tools to the current directory where you are
    running the command from
4) Then run the command with sudo option
5) Now the vmware tools should be installed
6) After installation, you might instructions/commands to restart the networking related programs.
7) Please follow the commands from the instructions as mentioned in the terminal.
8) And you are done.

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